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Uli Rossier Scarf (Orange & Grey)

Uli Rossier Scarf (Orange & Grey)

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Soft knit chiffon fabric (semi transparent).

Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.

Made in Canada.

About this artist:

Born in West Germany in the midst of World War II, Ulrike (Uli)  Rossier came to Canada when she was 23. Always interested in art, she once had her own loom and taught weaving. Uli typically works in acrylic ink and oil pastels, creating richly coloured drawings with playful designs. She considers her drawings to be abstract representations of nature, the seasons, and her own mood. Green is her favourite colour, she says, as it represents life. Uli is a prolific painter and many of her works have been sold and exhibited, including at large scale reproductions at the Edmonton Convention Centre and on billboards throughout Edmonton as part of YEG Canvas. Her highly distinctive style has many fans, and she always recognizes her own work with delight.

As the 2021 Stantec Artist of the Year, Uli will have a solo exhibition of her work displayed throughout the City of Edmonton.