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Germy Guys I by Jamie Laventure

Germy Guys I by Jamie Laventure

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Monoprint 1/2 of some microscopic friends on white paper

13.75 x 14.75 inches

About this artist:

Jamie Laventure brings mundane objects to life with his distinctively playful sense of colour and shape. He is a dedicated artist, devoting several days a week to studio time, and constantly exploring new subject matter in a variety of mediums. His work displays a consistent degree of finish and has been featured in many exhibitions both locally and internationally, including a permanent installation at the East Edmonton Health Centre.

In recognition of his dedication to his art and his prolific body of work, Jamie received the REALTORS® Community Foundation CREATE Award in 2019.

“Mostly, I work in clay. I make miniatures of things that I see on the sidewalk –fire hydrants, a paper box, a pop machine. I make things with moving parts—a windmill and a wishing well, clock and compass faces. And I make monster faces and creatures with the head of one animal and the body of another. I like detail. Also, I like letters and making signs. I’ve made many signs for my brothers and sisters and my home, and I’ve made my small signs into magnets. My colours are mostly bright. At home, I make a lot of things too. I do a lot of collage with whatever pictures I like to fill the page and pencil crayons to fill blank space.”