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A Unique Skillset

A Unique Skillset

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This linocut combines the solidity of the ground, and the lightness of a mind in a book. It seems like a head-rush might be implied. For me, solidity and lightness are beautifully combined in books that follow a familiar trope. It could be literally any familiar trope but this one is my favourite:

Badass femme leads revolution; love interest proves their loyalty.

If you aren't familiar with this plot it looks something like:

Woman travels to a place where she is out of her element. People actively identify her as an outsider and shun her. She uses a mix of persistence, cleverness, and her unique skillset to not only assimilate, but excel in her new environment. #competencyboner

There is a love interest. Initially, the woman brushes them off because she is busy sneaking into her new community (or other good reasons). After a while, and some demonstrated loyalty and integrity, the woman enters into a relationship with the love interest. Their relationship may or may not follow the enemies-allies-friends-lovers-partners pattern. 

Earnest and honest communication happens regularly.

  • linocut reduction in which the matrix (linoleum) ceases to be by the end of printing.
  • limited edition of 46.
  • The image area measures 8x10" (20x25cm) 
  • The image extends to the edge of the paper (a bleed trim)
  • Printed with rubber based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
  • It is part of my Reader Series along with Reading Nook, and Transported.
  • 10% of print sales are donated! In March 2021 they're going to The Endometriosis Network Canada.