The Christopher Bradley Full Shaving Kit in Stainless Steel

The Christopher Bradley Full Shaving Kit in Stainless Steel

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The Full Shaving Kit has everything you need to get started in wetshaving. 

The kit includes the Christopher Bradley razor in stainless steel, your choice of a laminated maple brush, your choice of shaving soap (made by the wonderful Edmonton soap maker Like Grandpa), a tuck of blades, and a stainless steel shaving bowl.

By default, the razor is configured with a solid bar B plate and a 3.5" long handle, which is, by far, the most popular combination. There are additional plate and handle options available, so if you would like a different configuration (for personal preference or specific shaving needs), we can easily accommodate the change.  We will confirm each razor configuration prior to shipping, so you are welcome to send us a note OR wait for us to get in touch with you.

The same goes for the brush and the shaving soap.  We will contact you prior to shipping to get your brush and soap choices.

This kit includes:

  • stainless steel razor, with an SB-B plate and a 3.5" long handle
  • a laminated maple shaving brush
  • a tin of Semois Valley or Like Grandpa shaving soap
  • a tuck of Astra SP Blades (contains 5 blades)
  • a stainless steel shaving bowl

100% Made in Canada

Shipping costs are included in the item price.  Items will ship within Canada only.  Your item will ship within 1 week from this vendor's studio.  Delivery times within Canada can be as long as 10 business days after shipment.  If you are located in the Edmonton area, this vendor may get in touch via email to offer contactless drop off or arrange for pick up at their studio as an option.

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