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Holiday 2020 Gift Guides - For the Eco-Conscious

For the Eco-Conscious

Most of our vendors make slow craft and are eco-conscious in their manufacturing. We all source locally whenever possible. But we want to celebrate our eco-conscious small businesses, slow fashion, sustainable craft. And when you shop local, that also reduces our carbon footprint. So let's give a shout out to a few of our sustainable makers:


1) New vendor Drift + Pine makes contemporary, psychedelic-inspired art and apparel, including handmade, painted, and printed goods. Most materials used are upcycled. Check out those dyed socks!

2) Veteran jewelry designer BUNO DESIGN makes sustainable one of kind jewelry pieces, often using repurposed vintage and broken jewelry pieces to create new ideas and designs.

3) PLANTiful Apothecary is a small apothecary specializing in skincare products using bio-regional ingredients grown & foraged by us and local farmers. From seed to jar, they believe in consciously growing, making, and packaging our products to reduce our footprint and yours.

4) Grandmother Golden Eagle (English name Jess Sanderson) of JShine Designs incorporates elements such as traditional home tanned hide, porcupine quills, animal bone, shells, antique beads into her jewelry, allowing traditional Indigenous art forms to transcend time and shine in contemporary times.

5) New "hyper-local" vendor Luddite Yarn makes ethical yarn, working directly with local farmers and mills to produce small batch breed specific wool yarns, using only 100% natural dyes in their home dye studio.