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Holiday 2020 Gift Guides - For that Extra Special One-of-a-kind gift

For that extra special, one-of-a-kind gift

The Royal Bison is proud include many one-of-a-kind local makers, making extra-unique goods for those extra-special people in your lives! Some of these vendors also only sell a few times a year, with Bison being one of these markets. So let's celebrate these incredible makers, and those extra extra special people in your lives <3

1) Chauntelle Atcheynum of Mâmawi Creations creates hand-beaded jewelry as a way to bridge connections, sharing "creating and wearing beadwork is healing for me as an Indigenous Woman and it strengthens my connection with my ancestors". Find her beautiful healing pieces this holiday season!

2) Multidisciplinary feminist artist Olivia Forsyth of BABBY Dolls is inspired by vintage rag dolls. Each is hand made, using new and vintage fabrics - Truly all one of a kind!

3) Our "annual travelling fine artist" from Calgary, Heather Buchanan is back! She'll be bringing her haul of clever greeting cards, and "a whole pile of new art". We can't wait to see more!

4) Sherri Cardona of Nor. designs and hand makes clothing and accessories. Each piece is hand sewn and her beautiful pieces brings comfort and empowerment to each customer. 

5) Art By Jill is a local artist inspired by surrealism, nature and anatomy. Those wild colour palettes can be found on apparel, tote bags, stickers and prints.

6) Joel Kadziolka of Papercut Monsters creates unique plush creatures and toys from collage. Find a matching monster for each person in your life!