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A special collection of gift guides for your summer self, with an emphasis on many of our wonderful and super talented bipoc and lgbtqia2s+ vendors. And there's some new vendors to discover too! Happy summer!

Summer Birthdays

Got a friend with a summer birthday, during the pandemic? Let's celebrate them with these unique, locally made, one of a kind gifts!

1) Chauntelle Atcheynum of Mâmawi Creations is back with beautiful Indigenous Hand-beaded Jewelry. 

2) These plant embroidery pieces by Haleyanthus are the perfect gift to celebrate summer all year round. 

3) New Vendor Tanya Doody Ceramics creates playful, fresh, functional ceramics. We can't wait to see the collection!

4) Nor Official has the perfect pandemic summer collection - Purses, fanny packs, face masks, scrunchies, and hats!


Patio Essentials

We're all staying home, staying safe, and spending some serious amounts of time in our patios. Let's show our outdoor spaces some love, Bison style.

1) It's officially socks and sandals time! Add to your sock collection with Urban Drawer to stay on trend.

2) We love Glass Bookshop because they exist to amplify the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ creators. And what's better than reading and learning on your patio this summer?

3) You can't have a picnic without beautifully designed tea towels and ceramics by Mezzaluna Studio

4) Who doesn't love eating outside? Pair any meal with sustainable, well designed chopsticks by SimpoGoods.

New and Emerging

The Royal Bison is always trying to feature new and emerging vendors from Edmonton. Making art and showing it to the world is hard. And these new and emerging vendors have us in awe. 

1) Victoria Sanchez of Hand Laboratory joins us for her first online Bison, with her collection of elegant, fun, textured jewelry. 

2) Lonely Coyote is back with quality prints, pins, and stickers for lonely cowfolx.

3) Michael Hingston brings us his new project Edmontonia Trading Cards - A perfect activity to celebrate our city this summer. Collect them all!

4) Jovi Klak returns with more beautiful botanical prints as well as one-of-a-kind hand painted mandala wood cookies. 

For your Pen Pals

Keep in touch with friends during the pandemic through snail mail. These vendors have small items that will put a smile on your buds face.

1) Local designer Yu-Chen Tseng creates all things cute - bear toys, custom illustrations, pins, and prints!

2) Marion Mendoza of Prairie Poly is back with her colourful and playful handmade polymer clay earrings. 

3) Our favourite alien NIUBOI is back, bring goods that explores queerness, futurism, and joy. Find their enamel pins, dad caps, stickers, zines, and more!

4) Feminist artist Olivia Forsyth returns with a new project - BABBY Dolls! All handmade, unique, and adorable in felt and plush.


Pandemic Self Gifts

2020 has been bonkers. Go ahead - Treat yourself! 

1) Cree artist Jessica Sanderson-Barry of JShine Designs brings traditional elements such as hides, porcupine quills, bone, and shells to her handmade jewelry and accessories.

2) Morgan Hanson Art creates wearable accessories and prints in her birth flower series. 

3) The Calgary Stampede is cancelled. But you can still dress up in your favourite unisex bolo ties by Emily Chu Illustration.

4) Kaleb Romano Ceramics is back, bringing the highest quality of colour, textures, and details.